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Example of Wedding Speech Astonishing

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A significant obligation you might have at a close person’s wedding is giving a speech. That’s why you should see here an example of wedding speech

At the same time, it’s a huge honor, and because of the given trust, you must do it properly.

There are a lot of ways in which you can give your wedding speech and the words can vary from funny to emotional, depending on what effect you want to achieve, and who is giving the speech.

For example, a best man’s speech is known to be funny and entertaining, and a wedding speech about parents is filled with gratitude and honest emotions.

Here you will find tips and at least one example of wedding speech that you can use or modify according to your role in the wedding. 

Reading a wedding speech

Father of the groom speech

At the beginning of your speech, make some heartwarming greetings to your wife, the bride’s parents, the officiant, and the guests. In my opinion, my example of wedding speech would begin with a humorous approach. 

Do you have a fun way to include a story in your toast? However, when it comes to anecdotes, keep these conditions in mind: The story must be positive (don’t embarrass the groom) and tell something everyone can appreciate (inside jokes between you and your son won’t translate to outside listeners).

Afterward, have a more serious approach and tell how proud you are of your son but also yourself for raising him to be the person he is today, a brave, honest and caring man. 

Although it can be tempting to go on and on about your beloved son, take some time to welcome the new member of the family and reflect on how the two of them complement each other. After all, it is a union there to celebrate.

Lastly, as a wise man, you must give heartfelt and sage advice for life and love. For instance: ‘Every day must count, so together, make it special and make it real.’

Praying together during a wedding ceremony

Wedding speech of priest

In a religious ceremony, the priest starts by teaching the couple the holly importance of marriage and its connection to God, how marriage can get them closer to God.

This example of wedding speech continues with the priest asking the bride and groom to declare their intentions – whether they appear of their own free will and in full freedom of choice. Also if they will be faithful to each other, and if they will accept having children and educate them according to the canons of the Catholic Church.

In this part of the priest’s speech, he invites the couple to declare their consent to this marriage. The couple gives their consent by declaring their wedding vows, but with the understanding that God is present in making their union.

Here comes the part where the priest blesses the wedding rings which are a representation of faithfulness and says a prayer to God for blessings to the couple.

A Catholic wedding ceremony can be personalized in almost every way including readings, psalms, and even the gospel in addition to the sections corresponding to the marriage. So, if you choose this kind of ceremony, it’s good to know that you can have a super special and memorable one by personalizing it.

Speeches for best friend’s wedding

In many cases the best friend of the groom is the best man of the wedding. So, here are some excellent tips and an example of wedding speech for the best man.

Begin by introducing yourself to the guests as the honored and privileged best friend. That way you will have a humorous start and place the guests in a great mood.

Then continue with some funny anecdote that you have lived together, a nice story that you will cherish forever, that makes your bond even stronger. Choose well, don’t forget that it’s about getting a smile, not making anyone look ridiculous.

You can later tell other anecdotes that highlight positive aspects of the groom’s character and personality, like that time he helped you with an exam that you thought you were going to fail, or how he canceled an appointment to help you with something.

Tell something funny that has happened to you both as in childhood or teenage years, but try to keep the funny moments and jokes clean, because obviously, it’s a family gathering.

Don’t brag with ex-girlfriends, don’t even mention them!

In the end, don’t forget about the happy couple! Explain the story of how they met or the role you had in their meeting. The time they have spent together since then and the fantastic couple they currently form, how well they complement each other, how in love they are… 

Finally, wish them much happiness in their marriage and propose a toast to them, following the wedding ceremony.

Toast to bride and groom

The toast is a short speech and a special and emotional part of a wedding. It is the perfect moment in which the closest friends, the best man or the godmother dedicate a few words, with raised glass in their hand, to the wedding couple.

It is important that those words be emotional, and make people connect. They can highlight beautiful aspects of the couple, remember the strength of the relationship, the importance of marriage, how much they have fought to get to this day, etc. Here are some sweet examples:

“Happiness can be expressed in a thousand ways and when we see these couple we verify that they have discovered it with their vows of eternal love.”

“Today you begin your life together, I wish you so much happiness, and may life only bring you amazing and great things for you as a couple. Always love each other, that’s the only valid advice for me. Long live the bride and groom.”

“It only remains for me to ask God to protect them as well as give them patience and understanding, that will allow them to make their way through the problems to continue firm in their decision. Blessed be!”

“I wish you from my heart, that God bless this union. Marriage is the holiest of sacraments, so take care of it.”

“I hope you are happy your entire life, and that love floods your home with blessings and happiness. I wish you good luck.”

If you loved my example of wedding speech above, and you really need a good one for your role in an important wedding, contact me or buy the one you specifically need!

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