How to officiate a wedding speech beautifullly

bride smilling wedding speech

If you are searching for wedding script tips in order to officiate a wedding of a person close to you, and how to officiate a wedding speech, here you will find exactly that!

There are a lot of samples on the web, but most of them are not personalized enough. That being said, you want the ceremony to be meaningful right?

It goes without saying that the marriage you are about to officiate needs to be perfect and personalized, so here I will offer you a ceremony outline in order to officiate a wedding speech that is going to be amazing!

Below, you will discover the basics about how to officiate a wedding speech, also some wedding ceremony speech examples, giving you a clear idea for the ceremony to run smoothly.

officiate a wedding speech on the beach
A friend making a speech during a wedding ceremony on the beach

Presentation by the officiant

Once at the altar, the officiant should welcome all the beloved guests and ask them to turn off their phones.

The opening remarks are final when as the officiant you say “With that, let’s begin!”, and this signifies the start of the processional.

In a case the wedding ceremony officiant is a pastor, a pastor’s speech at a wedding includes a wedding invocation where the officiant asks God to bear witness to the ceremony and also a prayer. 

The processional

To the sound of the best romantic songs for weddings, the bride will walk arm in arm with her godfather wearing her original bridal bouquet.

The bride will stop at the front row and her groom will step forward to receive her. When he does, they will face each other and stand in front of the officiant, who will invite the guests to sit at that moment with ”Please be seated”.

The officiant’s speech

Once at the altar, when everyone is nicely accommodated, the officiant will explain the reason for the meeting and will briefly talk about the couple: how they met, some anecdotes from their love story, and his own satisfaction at sharing such a special moment with you.

My advice is that the more focused on details of their relationship, the greater emotionality, intensity, and possibility of more tears! Just keep it light, tell some fun or sweet thing you know about the two of them as a loving couple. Tell positive stories, which add to a happy start of the couple, not criticism. 

Try to be creative, say some thoughts of yours about commitment and binding in eternal love, faithfulness and always being there for each other, in good times and bad times.

In essence, you should include some heartfelt speeches on marriage, binding the couple in holy matrimony. I suppose you know the bride and groom well, so you could choose some verses from their favorite love song and read them, or you could read an excerpt from a book that is meaningful to their relationship. 

You could also say something funny like ‘’I knew she was THE ONE for him when he let her eat from his plate because believe me, _______ doesn’t share his food!’’.

If you opt for some humorous statements in your speech, it’s important to keep it respectful and still entertaining and emotional for the guests. 

Readings of the civil articles

The officiant will be in charge of reading articles of the Civil Code. So, this might be only an option, depending on the laws in your state.

If you are not legally required to do so while you officiate a wedding speech, you can skip this part because it usually bores everyone present. Instead, proceed to the speeches from loved ones.

speeches from loved ones during a wedding ceremony
Beloved maid of honor making a speech during the wedding ceremony

Speeches from loved ones

Family and friends will not want to miss the opportunity to dedicate some emotional words to you. The only requirement: keep them brief so that the ceremony does not take longer than necessary.

In any case, a wedding speech by a brother would take the breath away and touch everyone present regardless of the length.

In addition to the family, a wedding ceremony might also include a wedding speech by a best friend. In many cases, good friends are practically family, the closest people to the bride and groom.

They should say something sweet that emphasizes their bond with the bride or groom and happiness to be there for them. Such as:

“It is enough for me to see you this happy to know what the perfect partner is for you. In any case, I will be here by your side, always as your faithful friend”.

The exchange of vows and officiant questions

You should know that when you officiate a wedding speech, right after the speeches, is the vow exchange. As the officiant, you will tell the wed-to-be to proceed to their wedding vows, which serve as lifelong promises they give each other on this solemn act.

Of course that your officiant wedding script is important and meaningful, but the moving and emotional vows are the most significant part of the day. 

Every present guest is eager to hear those romantic promises. It is a precious act and probably, one of the few times that, despite thinking about it every day, the partners are able to tell everything they feel in front of the people they love the most.

The next thing that accompanies the vows is typical of the movies, and it is also the most awaited moment. This element of the ceremony requires you to ask the bride and groom ‘’______, will you marry_______’’ and they respond with the classic “yes, I want” by both parties.

Ring exchange

As one of the most symbolic parts of the ceremony, it includes some words of the officiant for the representation of the ring. You could say ‘’This precious metal symbolizes your love which is priceless, and the secret union you two are making. It should be a reminder of your commitment and faithfulness to each other’’.

The kiss

When you officiate a wedding speech it’s one of the most exciting moments because it means it’s a job well-done. You will declare the beautiful couple, husband and wife, and say that they can kiss. A classic moment that provides them an unforgettable end to their wedding ceremony.

Signing legal documents and couple presentation

Don’t forget the signing of the marriage certificate, by spouses and witnesses, and departure of the bride and groom. During these moments, music is played to create an atmosphere.

Usually, the officiant tells the guests that the couple is going to sign some papers and after he/she gives their closing remarks, such as a short wedding officiant speech: ‘’On behalf of the happy couple, thanks for coming and have an amazing evening! I now present you Mr. and Mrs. _________. ‘’.

This presentation contributes to a more spectacular exit to the couple for the corridor formed between the chairs of the ceremony.

If you are looking for unique wedding scripts, or a wedding officiant speech for a friend, you can buy them on my website, specially made by me – a professional wedding officiant!


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